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Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue

Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue is a horse rescue located in Northborough, Massachusetts. Offering sanctuary for equines in need and a safe place for all those who volunteer to find the love of a horse. Learn more about the rescue and join us in bringing about positive change in the lives of our horses. 

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A Bit of Background

Located in Northborough, Massachusetts, Eye of the Storm is an equine rescue center dedicated to saving the lives of horses who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Horses that come to this barn remain here for life, or may be placed in approved homes once they are completely rehabilitated.
The farm was founded by the late Nina Arbella, a long-time horse owner who was inspired by Stormy, her first and best equine friend. The volunteers devote many hours each day to helping, learning about and caring for several horses rescued from abandonment, abuse or a miserable trip to the slaughterhouse.
Eye of the Storm received its final IRS determination in 2004 after a 5- year working period. We are very excited that we were designated 170(b)(1)(a)vi, a non profit organization for the prevention of cruelty to animals, under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.
Our Philosophy
People have used horses for centuries, for work, war, sport and companionship. We owe our horses a fair and responsible partnership of good care and understanding, because their lives have essentially been given to us.
Unfortunately, Eye of the Storm isn't able to house or place all of the abused or neglected horses who need our help. But we can save a few -- and we can also provide information, advice and a network of support for horses and their owners who need to know how to care for horses with special needs. Through our newsletter, Internet resources, referrals and consultations, we hope to improve the lives of as many old, neglected or unwanted horses as possible.

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Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

There are many horses in this world in loving homes, and unfortunately there are many horses in this world in need of loving homes. Eye of the Storm works to take in horses in need of loving homes from situations of abuse, neglect, hoarding, or simply from owners who can no longer care for their horse from one feast to another. Those that are at the end of the line or with greater medical needs will often stay at the rescue as part of our sanct herd. Horses who can be rehabilitated and rehomed are placed in approved and appropriate homes when they are ready. 


Small Animal Rescue

In addition to horses, we do get involved with small animal rescue as well! We work to help take in small animals in need (from piggies, to kitties, to even bunnies!) And re-home them as appropriate. We also work to help owners connect with individuals who may be interested in taking the animat directly. 


Get in touch today and get involved with our cause.

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Get in touch with Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Northborough, MA, USA

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