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Meet Our Herd



7 years old, 11 hands - In Rehabilitation Training 

Apple came to us from a petting zoo with not much information other than she was as about 6 years old and didn't like people behind her. 
Through time and patience we have learned she's cautious and does not like when unfamiliar people are in her space. Once she's had time to form a bond with someone though, she is an absolute love bug constantly asking for affection!!
Apple is incredibly smart and gentle. She is still very much a baby brained pony and has lots to learn about being a horse and interacting with humans. You can follow her journey on our Instagram and Facebook! 
If you're interested in becoming a sponsor for Apple, here are ways you can support her:$25 a month for grain and supplements $150 a month for hay$25 a month for farrier 

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25 years old, 10 hands - Sanctuary Status 

Moon arrived at the rescue many years ago. He was still intact as a stallion and had all the undesirable stallion habits. Moon was not suitable for rehoming as he was (and to a certain extent still is) a pony who thinks corrections are engaging in his attempts to play. 
Moon has spent the majority of his life at the rescue and has known many individuals, both animal and human, in his time with us. He is undeniably cuter than cute and seems to enjoy finding ways to poke people's buttons (he's the little brother we all love but wish would stop touching us). 
Moon is thriving with +R training and works with our youth volunteer group on all sorts of games and challenges both physical and mental. 
Moon is not available for adoption, he is in sanctuary status at the rescue. 
If you're interested in sponsoring Moon, here are some of the ways you can help:$25 a month for grain and supplements$150 a month for hay$25 a month for farrier 



28 year old, 12 hands - Sanctuary Status 

Meet Thursday! We guess that she's about 28, but a lady never tells. 

Thursday came to the rescue many years ago with her sweet baby Zephyr (who now lives at Empowered Equines in York, ME) and another colt when they were only a couple months old. All were seriously underweight and trying to manage the cold of winter. Thursday fought hard to keep both the colts well fed but it took quite the toll on her. 

Eye of the Storm helped her baby Zephyr and Thursday regain their health and were able to place the fostered colt in another home where he was able to grow big and strong as well. As Thursday regained her health, a young volunteer fell in love with her and together they grew and discovered the world of clicker training. Thursday quickly became a teacher for new volunteers. 

Due to her medical conditions, Thursday is not up for adoption and is sanctuary status. Thursday has a slow thyroid, insulin resistance, and age related eye changes that require regular vet check ins. Currently, she is managing well with medications and attentive care.

If you are interested in supporting Thursday, here are ways you can help: 
$25 a month for grain and supplements
$30 a month for thyroid medication
$415 every 3 months for prascend medication
$150 a month for hay
$25 a month for farrier
$85 for a massage (Contact Morgan at



28-32 year old, 15 hands - Sanctuary Status 

Meet Xena! 
Xena's story is an interesting one that unfortunately we have yet to fully uncover. Xena has been a mother and we know of at least one baby. She's also said to have barrel raced! 
Xena was rehomed once she was ready to a sweet, older woman who had been a volunteer at the rescue. She loved her dearly and they had a blast together! Unfortunately, both of Xena and her former owner have gotten a bit older and the physical demands of Xena's care were too much for her. 
The rescue was more than happy to take Xena in and she has been given sanctuary for the rest of her life. Xena spend my days surrounded with her little pony friends and loves to play games with the kiddos! 
In her old age Xena does suffer from navicular pain and arthritis all over. As such, she requires a lot to keep her happy and healthy! 
If you would like to support Xena, here are some ways you can help:
$35 a month for grain and supplements
$225 a month for hay
$55 a month for farrier
$85 a massage (contact Morgan at for more information)

Our Herd : Our Herd
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