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Goodbye to Coco

Sweet little Coco,

You were always so gentle, so sweet, and so soft. Your heart was wild but loving. Thank you for all your little face touches, given with such love. Thank you for all the peace you shared with us, it helped my heart so much.

I dreamed of you the other night, free of pain with healed and healthy feet. I saw you prancing around and rolling in the leaves, happy as can be. You were ready, you were telling us it would be okay.

I use to think that in the end love simply isn't enough, but I've grown to learn that's not true. While love couldn't fix your feet anymore, love could take away the pain. Love is enough to bandaid and love is enough to make it okay in the end. We held you tightly with all of our love. Our love held you up while we said our goodbyes, our love whispered the promise of no more pain, and our love guided your tired body down to rest one last time.

My heart is so heavy with the thought I won't get to feel your little nose touch my face again and ask for little kisses. But I'm comforted by the knowledge that you can run wild again, free of worry or pain.

Rest easy little Coco, you are so loved and so terribly missed.

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