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My Favorite Time of Year

It's my favorite time of the year!

I love the end of September and the month of October. The air gets crisper, but not too cold. The leaves begin to change color and drift off the trees in the breeze, landing on the ground to look like multicolored sprinkles. And, possibly my favorite, the horses and ponies all shed out their summer coats to grow in their winter coats.

Their winter coats start off short but dense and soft. It makes them all look like they're covered in velvet. It makes hugging them and snuggling them feel so much more like holding your favorite stuffed animal. They also all begin to get such rich colors in their coats as this new hair isn't bleached out by the summer sun. It brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart to see the ponies preparing for winter. To see their fuzzy faces each morning while breathing in that cool morning air. I want nothing more than to cozy up in my favorite sweater and hug my stuffed animal like horses!

The horses and ponies all seem to love this time of year as well. They embrace the cooler temperatures and the lack of humidity. They bask in the warm afternoon sun in peace because the bugs are all beginning to fade away (finally!) and their are no mosquitos to buzz by and interrupt their naptimes. Suddenly its not too hot to feel playful anymore and they get rambunctious and kick their heels up! It makes me so happy to see them enjoying this time of year as well.

The fall here in New England has been (and likely will always be) by favorite time of year and quiet likely the equines favorite time of year as well.


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