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The Gifts They Give: Moon

Moon is not your average pony.

He's cuter than a button, so gosh darn cute you just wanna smush him! With those itty bitty ears and big cartoon eyes, his face just begs to be pet.

That's always been a bit of a downfall though.

Moon, more than any other pony or person I have met truly feeds off any attention. Positive or negative, he finds any attention and reaction to be rewarding. When he is bored, be seeks out a playmate. The problem is, I don't think Moon really understands we are breakable, we are not as tough as he would like us to play.

He's not mean, he's not aggressive. He's just seeking a reaction.

As he's grown older he's gotten better about the way in which he seeks us out. No longer is he going teeth first because he's learned we will just leave when he does. That is the last thing he wants, he wants us to be with him and so he has learned to approach us differently so we will stay.

But at this point in his life, I'm not sure the oral fixation he has will ever leave. And so now, we get what I like to call the awkward licking. Moon will lick you in odd spots like the back of your knee or your elbow until you give him attention. At least it's gentle.

Because of his outwardly immature presentation, I think many may discredit him for being able to recognize our emotional state. I think it is far the opposite. He just responds in the only ways he knows how to. Awkwardly and seemingly seeking play. Very much like a young kid seeing an adult in distress and offering their favorite stuffed animal or toy because it's something that makes them feel better. Moon will try and engage in play as a way of helping sooth the unease he feels being around our unease. It's definitely not the response everyone wants.

The other day I sat down in his and Thursday's paddock and broke down. Life isn't always sunshine, sometimes you need a good cry to see the rainbows again. Normally when I am having a rough moment, Thursday will come to comfort me. This time, however, I was greeted by a little mouth lipping at my hands and a tongue licking the tears off my cheeks. At first I laughed a little and asked him to go away because I just needed space. Moon obliged and backed up, but the stress was clear on his face and he came right back and continued to lick my tears, nibble at my hands and my hair. I did not want to play, but goodness, Moon was doing everything he could to change this situation.

Moon is not the most therapeutic, but he was doing his best. It moved my tears to exasperated laughter. And as I ran my fingers through his poofy fur I found my calm center again and found my footing.

Sometimes the weight of the world is too much and you just need a cry to let it go and breathe before picking it back up. And sometimes you need a loving hug in those moments. In that moment I guess I needed a loving tongue to shake the gravity of the situation and find laughter. It's hard to take your sadness seriously when you're being licked. And life is far to short not to embrace the silliness of that and let it bring you back to your smile. Thank you for that Moonchkin ♥️

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