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The Little Things

In our day to day life, we don't stop enough to take in the little things all around us.

I find it to be almost a blessing to be able to just sit down at the farm for a few minutes and not think. It truly is so peaceful at the farm to just be alone with nature.

While trying to avoid thinking about some of the major things happening in my personal life yesterday, I just sat down in the doorway of the barn and looked all around. The wind was blowing through the treetops so hard, but at ground level it barely caused my hair to dance across my face. The sky was such a crisp shade of blue, the kind that only comes in the fall. The chipmunks were running all around, chattering to each other with not a care how loud they were. The horses were so quietly munching on their hay. It was the peaceful moment I needed. All the little things around the farm make me smile when I stop to watch them (even the squirrels that are chucking acorns out of the treetops).

The ponies always seem to know when I'm having a harder day and they all become so very tender. Everyone becomes gentler and less needy in how they interact and I find that the will all reach out to me and touch me so softly with their noses. The little reassuring bumps from those sweet little noses makes my heart smile so much, some days it just brings happy tears to my eyes.

So take time today and stop to look at the little things around you. Let the simplicity of it all fill your heart with happiness, even if it's just for a few minutes.


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