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The Magic of Horses

Horses are magical.

Or maybe it's just our horses that are the most magical.

Maybe it's the farm too.

Nina always said we were eye of the storm in more than just name. That the worst of the storms always went around the farm, we always stayed safe during the worst weather. That it was always the safe spot in the storm of our lives, we always were welcome to hide out in the barn if we needed to.

I guess today I needed it. Not much really gets me angry anymore, but something happened right before I went out to feed the horses that had me so unbelievably angry I cried the entire drive. I was SO angry. So so so angry I didn't have words to let it out. As I started to feed around the farm I couldn't help but find myself suddenly feeling quiet. I'm not sure if it was the softness in Thursday's eyes, the gentleness of Moon's kisses, or maybe just the way the orange-gold light of the sunset was warming everything it touched, but I was just calm and quiet again.

So maybe it's the farm and the way the sunset filters through the trees that brings quiet to my heart. And maybe it's the way the ponies always know how to wrap me in their supportive arms that just brings calmness to me.

No matter what it is, we really are the eye of the storm.

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