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The Story of Thursday

Thursday's have always been my favorite day of the week. It's not much of a wonder why she came to this name.

Thursday's role in my life is one filled with the toughest parts. She truly was the angle I never anticipated and am always grateful for her presence.

Before Thursday came to the rescue, before we even knew she existed, I dreamed of her. I dreamed of this sweet little bay pony. Each time I dreamed of the bay pony, the dream would progress. The last dream I had of her, someone was trying to take her away from us but we had finally named her in this dream. I asked one of the other girls about it and she said that we had just gone with what was on the only open box (that we used to hold her grooming tools) which said "Thursday" on it because it had just kind of stuck. It confused me at the time in my dream, but it did indeed stick.

After Thursday arrived, my heart nearly dropped to my feet when I first met her because that was the pony of my reoccurring dreams. It was impossible, but there she was. I told Nina again of my dreams, and sure enough, the name Thursday stuck.

Thursday came into my life when I not only didn't expect it, but I didn't even realize I needed it. I was going through some of the worst points in my life, not knowing what lay ahead of me. She was shut down, humans were simply a source of food but nothing more. I realized very quickly that she was incredibly smart and picked up on everything I tried to train her with clicker training.

Not long after her arrival, we had to put down a number of our older horses. It crushed me to say goodbye to so many horses in such a short time frame. I felt incredibly lost and I latched myself to Thursday. I'm not quite sure she knew what to do with all of this love I was showering her with, but slowly she opened herself up to me. From then on, Thursday became my rock and my sanity. She was my Mamacita, my little Thursday Buttons, and I have loved her endlessly since.

Though she's starting to show her years, Thursday had never stopped being the incredibly intelligent and loving little mare I leaned on all those years ago. Every day she offers me such gentle signs of her love and continues to be that calming presence in my life when I need it most.

She was the sweet little bay pony of my dreams, named after my favorite day of the week. I think in some way, we were meant to find each other, and I am grateful every day.


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